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If you agree with me, I hope you’ll take the time to let the normal-sized women in your life know that you appreciate them not being anorexic and not trying to be something they’re not.If you’re a woman, I’d like you to look at the pictures and ask yourself which you’d be happier being.The magazine argues that models small enough to work in mainstream modeling meet the definition of anorexic.I don’t know about that, but I do know that I almost find those waifs attractive.She started falling asleep in class and this previously attractive girl started taking on a “death camp survivor” look.In college, I got to know her well and understood the emotional causes of the problem.

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If you’d rather avoid the pictures, the woman here in the black dress is the plus-size model, Katya Zharkova.) I find the bigger woman far, far more attractive.She was still too skinny, but she was convinced she was too big.Last, the most attractive woman I know isn’t anorexic and never has been, but because she have a normal-sized body, she’s convinced that she’s unattractive.To normal people, that sounds skinny, but she thought she was far too big, because she had been only 112 pounds in high school.She had “ballooned” to 128 by the time she was 28 years old.Is it from comparing herself to overly skinny girls and assuming she’s supposed to be like them? If you happen to be a naturally skinny woman — and I know that a few skinny women are very beautiful — I don’t mean this as a criticism of you.