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From classic tales of cats chasing mice to the legend of a Dark Knight avenger patrolling the streets of a place called Gotham, from incompetent alien invaders to incompetent nuclear families, from stories of the future to sagas of the past, IGN's Top 100 Animated Series has it all.So put away your ink and paint for a while and have a look at this list.And in particular, television has proven to be a hugely important part of our toon-development, starting from our earliest days with the Saturday morning and after-school shows and continuing right on to today with the more mature Adult Swim offerings and the like.In fact, as we prepped for this story and looked back at our many favorite animated series from over the years, we were amazed by the diversity of the shows that we came up with.While he did manage to save his brother's life, he had to pay a great price himself.To get back what they lost, the brothers embark on a journey to find the legendary Philosopher's Stone. Right from the first few episodes we're presented with the topics of death, lost hope, and betrayal.takes a sharp satirical look at American society, with an emphasis on black culture and race relations, from hip-hop and movies to icons like Martin Luther King, Jr. Controversial from the start, has drawn criticism for its use of the N-word and for its portrayal of such historical figures as King.

But one of the more notable aspects of the show was the fact that it showed a single dad taking care of his only son while fighting the forces of evil.

The real emotional engine of the series is the relationship between Ed and Al, as the two boys go through turmoil that no one of any age should have to deal with.

By the end of this series you just want to give them both a hug and tell them everything will be okay.

Don't ask us, for if there's one thing that the IGN editors can claim to be, it's kids trapped in the bodies of adults.

And so it goes without saying that we sure do love us some cartoons.