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For instance, if you have a standard macro that manipulates several cells on Sheet1, each time a cell on that sheet is changed, your macro has to pause while the Worksheet_Change event runs. Enable Events = False 'Place your macro code here Application. You can avoid this behavior by simply hiding the page breaks before starting your macro. A prime example is how Macro Recorder captures any copy-and-paste action you perform while recording.

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The 3rd Great Ninja War has destroyed everything Yuriko holds dear.

Izumi Asuka is known as the Unrecognised Queen, on the same level as the generation of miracles. Maria Roskowick had trained with Will Lennox for many years.

Its been three years since she left to study in America and Asuka is going back to Japan. She's beautiful, incredibly intelligent, and powerful. Those that didn't know her used those words to describe her, along with quiet, emotionless, and cold hearted. Then came the day when everyone figured out - er, found out? But after they went their separate ways, Maria never expected to get a phone call from the Major asking her to join a secret operation unlike any other. Man in the Moon brought her back 80 years after the accident and gave her power to control the snow. At the height of the second Industrial Revolution, a seemingly-unending war is fought in the shadows.

She hasn't seen her friends since she left and knows they'll have changed. Apprehensive, she decides to join her old comrade and go through the training to join this secret mission. A certain guardian of fun takes interest in her and finds that she's a little more than a friend. Against the backdrop of Templar-controlled London, two young lovers are determined to make something good.

That is what is means to be Chirura." With the Akatsuki making their moves, Tsunade calls in a favor she never though she'd have to use. Kakashi/OC"In the dawn of the new day, the Keeper of Earth shall awaken and take back control of the power vacuum that has been shaking our world." In the League's quest to search for this mysterious weapon, a new girl arrives in town with a connection to one of the members, and the key to finding this weapon.[Hiraeth: a homesickness for a home you can't return to] Sandaime assigned him a mission. Erin is a transfer student at Domino High, but to Atem, she is exactly who he's been looking for. But as Kiera Bluehaven, she's just what she calls an ordinary girl in love with her best friend. Proooobably not a healthy relationship, but I love him anyways. Read about a self-declared high functioning sociopath and follow his adventures with the Case Files.

But how can he bring her back to the afterlife when she doesn't even remember her past life? REWRITINGIroh II meets a young woman with more sides to her than a polished jewel. Will she be able to kill the man who turned from the order or will Haytham get to her first and uncover her darkest secret? Rated T to be safe, as the show is questionable itself. All of what Graves was telling her felt like a desperate lie.

Perhaps, it would have been the best choice if she did not try to stop a stranger from committing suicide because little did she know that unknowingly saving a detective costed her a wayward turn to her plans.

When NEST is disavowed and ties are severed with the Autobots, Mira Lennox and her team go AWOL.

Wringing London from the Templars grasp is a struggle, working hard to remain leader of the Rooks and make sure Evie is safe. As Nightwing begins to make a name for himself, Scarlet struggles witht eh trails and tribulations of growing up, both as a civilian and a hero.

Family issues arise, and with Invasion on the horizon, she must become a hero she never dreamed she could be.

Darkness grows subtly attempting to strike unopposed.

Does Diana and Steve have what it takes to prevent this evil from consuming the world?