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Encore étudiante en fac, cette jeune et jolie blonde qui n’a pas encore 20 ans, s’ennuie lorsqu’elle rentre chez elle après les cours.
Packie lives in Dukes with his mother and his sister, Kate.

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This project has been assisted by the Australian Government’s Visions of Australia program; and supported by the…» Read More 08 Oct 17 ATLAS draws together the love and the beauty to be found in maps.The story retells Darcy’s life and career during a time when boxing was a major sport in…» Read More 23 Jul 17 Colonial Afterlives presents a broad array of contemporary art styles and mediums from established artists across seven colonized countries.From the artworks submitted a touring exhibition of 50 artworks is selected for a regional tour and this year the exhibition will be shown in Sydney, Broken Hill, Cowra, Port Macquarie and Wollongong as well as Maitland. » Read More 19 Nov 17 Otherworldly: a sensory experience of art is a multisensory installation that engages the senses of sight, touch, sound and smell.Discover the impact that the power of art can have through our senses to improve mental health and wellbeing, as the science behind multisensory rooms and the benefits of experiencing art are combined.

» Read More 03 Sep 17 Derek Kreckler: Accident & Process is a visual art exhibition that offers a comprehensive reflection on this senior artist’s career to date.

The tendency to put art on a pedestal has often constrained the potential of art to enhance the well-being of individuals and the community. » Read More 03 Dec 17 Fiona Foley is a contemporary Australian artist with a diverse practice that encompasses painting, printmaking, video, sculpture, installation and photography.

Her art is influenced by her Badtjala heritage, the Traditional Owners of the Fraser Island region in Queensland, and her extensive body of work expresses her concerns about the crimes of colonialism, racial injustice and the complexities of race relations within Australia and also histories and undercurrents of prejudice and racial hatred in other cultures around the world.

Maps are functional as well as works of art and have always been treasured and coveted for both reasons. They ‘map’ the known, the unknown and the imagined -“here be dragons”.

A Cartographer devises and uses symbols to represent the world on paper but can never be wholly successful nor complete.