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Can you recommend any sites or publications I should consult?

Are there any e-mail discussion groups for globe collectors?

I had thought that tellurians were synonymous with planetaria and orreries.

A: We do not sell spare parts, but Science First, which bought the Trippensee Planetarium Company does. Often damages can be corrected to some extent by a professional paper conservator, but their work is expensive - generally at least 0 a print. Mats that are older than 20 years, corrugated cardboard, and wood backings are acidic and should be replaced.

By the way, occasionally you will also see combination armillary-orreries or tellurian-orreries.

Q: I have recently started collecting world globes, and have had little luck finding information on the net or in books about this interesting hobby.

Generally a dirty or stained print can be cleaned by a paper conservator. Tears and Chips to Paper: A paper conservator can mend these or tip in missing pieces.

Some tears become nearly invisible, some don't, but they cannot be eliminated.