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Error validating location

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While creating the repository, check the “Save Password” option so that you do not have to provide the password every time you access the repository.

You must complete the above process only once in the semester from any machine you are planning to run Eclipse.

Keep in mind that the user(account) appears at the end of the Repository base directory.

To “connect” to your repository you need to create a new repository location by right clicking on the white empty pane that can be found under the title "CVS Repositories" and selecting New → Repository Location….

virt-install --name=tester1.\ --ram=1024 --vcpus=2 \ --disk path=/var/lib/libvirt/images/tester1.img,size=16 \ --graphics=spice \ --location= \ --os-type=linux \ --os-variant=centos7 Yes, the error returned was merely due to a typo; then there's no way to reword the question to make it useful to others.

no me reconoce el "location" a pesar de que envio el barrio con su respectivo id https://api.mercadolibre.com/classified_locations/neighborhoods/TUNPQj NERTQ2MDYy OA y me retorna el siguiente error de validación: The attributes [MCO1459-MTRS, MCO1459-ANTIG, MCO1459-BATHQTY, MCO1459-HABPISO] are required for category MCO1468.

Once you have completed your selection a dialog will come up that will let you define a new CVS repository.

The following is an example on how to connect to your repository assuming the following information (remember, this is not the information you will use, this is just an example).