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The appointment is said to be especially important now the Duke of Edinburgh is set to retire from public life this year.

Major TA, 38, moved to the UK from Ghana with his parents in 1982.

At the back of a London bus, two teenagers are engaged in animated conversation. Later, this dialogue is related to Gus, a 13-year-old who attends an inner London comprehensive; he wastes no time in decoding it. Fox and her colleagues have studied the speech patterns of a sample of teenagers across the capital.

"My bluds say the skets round here are nuff deep." "Wasteman," responds the first, with alacrity. Multiculturalism may have become a political hot potato for everyone from Daily Mail leader writers to Trevor Phillips, but anyone passing a metropolitan playground will realise that, linguistically at least, the melting-pot patois is already a reality from Tooting to Tower Hamlets.

"It's a real dialect rather than simply a mode of speech, and there's already evidence that it's spreading to other multicultural cities like Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester.

It'll become more mainstream through force of numbers and continued migration, and because it's considered cool." Kerswill and his fellow researchers believe a "perfect storm" of circumstances has arisen to ensure the rapid dissemination of MLE: a nexus of immigration, population mobility, and a wave of successful London garage stars (and MLE speakers) such as Lady Sovereign and Dizzee Rascal.

"It's because you hear the cool kids saying these words and then you have to do it too.

Major Nana Kofi Twumasi-Ankrah, a Ghanaian-born officer who fought in the Afghanistan war, will fill one of the most important roles in the royal household, reports.

You're looking buff in them low batties.""Check the creps," says the other. Nobody wants to be uncool," he adds, with a shudder. Researchers have found that, while most traditional cockney speech patterns have followed traditional cockneys as they've migrated out to Essex and Kent and other points beyond the M25, teenagers in inner London, one of the world's most ethnically diverse areas, are forging a separate multi-ethnic youth-speak based on common culture rather than ethnic or social background.

Low batties are trousers that hang really low on your waist. You've got to know them all and you've got to keep up. "I guess it would just be, you know, deep." Gus and his ilk have been caught up in an emerging linguistic phenomenon.

In the same year, he commanded the Blues and Royals taking part in the Queen’s birthday parade.

He lives in London with his wife, Joanna Hanna-Grindall, who works as the Victoria and Albert Museum’s corporate partnerships manager.