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Guide updating gp4 2016

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And the first seven seasons have exceeded our expectations.

The best teams were chosen to take part, with the hottest young motor racing talents from across the globe filling their race seats.

And with two races per weekend and reverse grids, these skills will prove crucial in the battle to become GP3’s champion.

Seven events on the calendar will be part of the Formula 1 support package (with one standalone event, with Formula 2), giving drivers’ first-hand experience of racing in the Grand Prix environment and gaining the coveted F1 exposure.

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SAFETY Racing at such high speeds means safety is of course of the uppermost priority: the GP3 car has passed every one of the stringent F1 FIA tests.

There was drama and excitement in abundance, and with the championship going down to the wire almost every season since, we’ve been treated to a lot of epic fights for the crown.

And despite our Series only running for seven seasons, four of our GP3 champions have reached the impressive heights of Formula 1.

COST CONTROL Just like our sister series FIA Formula 2, GP3 races on the same tracks, on the same weekends and for the same crowds as Formula 1, with the same impressive display of racing: but for a fraction of the cost.

Centralised purchasing, strict limits on testing and an outright ban on individual developments means costs are kept in check, while all modifications are made with an eye on how they affect the price structure for the teams.