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He cultivated alliances with organized labor and industry that contributed to Chicago’s renaissance at a time when other northern industrial cities were declining.

He helped build the world’s largest airport and tallest office building, a lakefront convention center, a governmental complex that would later bear his name, a Chicago campus for the state university, expressways, and mass transit lines. Kennedy’s key supporters in the 1960 presidential election, providing him with the delegates who helped him win a first-ballot nomination and a massive Chicago vote that delivered Illinois for Kennedy in his narrow victory over Richard M. Daley hosted the 1968 Democratic National Convention at President Lyndon B. Daley’s national reputation was seriously tarnished as the result of violence between anti-Vietnam War demonstrators and Chicago police. In 1972, Daley was dealt another blow when the Democratic National Convention refused to seat his Illinois delegation because of noncompliance with new selection rules.

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The firm enjoyed tremendous success and a stellar reputation under the continued leadership of Michael Daley who, in addition to his practice, was appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court to serve as Board member and Treasurer of the Illinois Lawyers Trust Fund.

In 2012, Mara Georges — former corporation counsel and senior advisor to the City of Chicago — partnered with Michael Daley.

Today, Daley & Georges continues to serve our clients in the time honored tradition of our past while expanding the firm's practice areas and outlook to serve even the most forward-thinking clients.

But his relationship with them deteriorated in the turbulent hours after Dr.

Martin Luther King’s assassination when Daley issued a shoot-to-kill order in the wake of riots and looting on the city’s West Side.

Known today for our commitments to excellence and innovation, the firm's success stems from our deep roots in the Chicago legal community, dating back to our establishment in 1936. Daley remained at the firm until 1955 when he became Mayor of the City of Chicago. Daley was re-elected for six terms (1955-1976) and served as the influential chair of the Cook County Democratic Central Committee from 1953 until his death in 1976. He went on to become Mayor of the City of Chicago, serving from 1989 to 2011; he was re-elected for seven terms, surpassing his father’s record as the City of Chicago’s longest serving mayor.

Daley and Lynch focused on providing sound legal counsel to clients in the corporate, labor and government relations arenas.