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But over time he became jealous and possessive, accusing her of lying and cheating.

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In August, we announced a major overhaul of the code base.Rather than targeting all of these changes in a single, long-term release, we intend to accomplish all the planned improvements over a number of versions.Seeking help is the first step to conquer depression and begin feeling like yourself again.

Percival decided to step down as lead developer and product manager, turning his roles over to Kier Darby.v Bulletin 3 was under development for nearly two years as it went from a mere improvement on v Bulletin 2 to a complete rewrite.

Initially, it was designed solely as a rewrite of UBB, in PHP using My SQL, and was meant only for their own forum.

Other UBB owners expressed interest in the solution, and they offered to sell it to Infopop, but their proposal was rejected.

It’s designed to accommodate users with no prior experience with plugins.

The primary goal of the program is to automate the process of installing plugins.