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The EGR solenoid valve is located between the EGR vacuum pump and the EGR valve.The EGR solenoid valve is powered by ignition voltage through the main relay.Hello I'd check that you're getting full power to the glow-plugs, they pull a lot of current so take care when checking but see if the relay is clicking when the ignition is turned on first and also check the fuse if this is OK check to see if the engine earth strap is also OK.If the plugs haven't been changed in the last 20K then they may have to be replaced.Many thanks yes there is a reason because if you use binding source with backgroundworker that updates the GUI after rendering so after binding will remove text without rest value for that you will need to use both in VB) I cant remember the behavior of throwing an exception.However, I do remember that I used to insert a value called -1, (None) to the combo-box after it was databounded usually through the databind events.After installing, that line deselects databound combobox: Don't know if anyone is still interested in this, seeing as it's now 5 years later, but I found a very easy workaround.

It appears that the root cause of the bug noted by @Cupp M is the attempt to set the position in the data source: I would guess that it should have simply been '&&' instead of '