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Updating a 70 s contemporary house

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We had some of those concerns, too, but in the end we decided that the things that work way outnumber those that don’t.We actually like the separation of main living area from family room.It's a very subtle way of introducing some pretty bold visual texture into the room—it's eye-catching but up just out of the sightline it doesn't overwhelm. Since we did something so bold overhead we kept the statement underfoot simple, with the cloud-colored silk rug. SCJ: It was very clear from the get-go that we had five clients—not just mom and dad, but also their three kids.Function was key, in terms of lots of open spaces as well as durable fabrics and finishes, but so was form: the parents preferred bright colors, sleek textures, and a setting for their art collection. SCJ: The palette varies quite a bit; the open kitchen and dining areas are more neutral, the living room is quite white, the study a balance of gray and red. SCJ: Technology has really changed the way that we design.Transforming this New England Colonial into a modern, minimalist home was an impressive feat. Juneja, co-founder of the design service Décor Aid and the project's designer, shows us how he did it.

While a city neighborhood full of mid-century ranches and small, independent businesses would be cool and all, it wouldn’t get us the things we’re really yearning for. (And because if more people who like what we like join us, the community will change in ways we’d like.) No, there isn’t the kind of hipster cool we see in Portland: But there’s still a kind of cool.We’re thinking the rage for mid-century modern has just about run its course, and something else will have to take its place. While we loved the idea of a small, vintage house in a great neighborhood full of old trees and great restaurants and independent bookstores and one-of-a-kind shops, we knew that just wouldn’t work for the lives we’re really living.If it’s hard for you to imagine the big 70s split-level having the same kind of appeal, we get that. We’ve got two adults and a revolving door of three getting-bigger kids (with other parents who live about 60 miles apart from each other).We’re a financially-stretched, stirred family with members who need both proximity and space.So, yeah: We bought a big, boxy split-entry house in the suburbs.There should be harmony within each given room, with colors recurring in the furnishings, the art, and the accessories -- but even in an open plan home, you can treat each room as its own entity. Our team found the live edge walnut dining table on Etsy.